The big football game between our rival Lander and Riverton was coming up soon. A bunch of us decided we should do something to show our loyalty and to vex our rivals over in Lander. So on the spur of the moment we decided we should paint the big L on the side of the hill above Lander. That is we decided to paint it red, our HS color. 

Painting a very large L on the side of a rather steep hill in the dark of the night is very large undertaking. We did not do much real planning for such an endeavor unfortunately. We gathered together a few gallons of paint and some mops or something to spread the paint over the rocks that formed the L. Our plan lacked much real thinking and was really just a lark, but a lark entered into with much excitement. Looking back, it was an example of mob action, a lot of enthusiasm but not well thought out that was for sure.

So, as darkness came, we gathered together and loaded several cars with excited HS students and drove the 25 miles to Lander. Once there we tried to sneak through the town to park where we could climb up the hill and do our dastardly deed.  To see where we were going we had to shine some flashlights, a bad idea.  We arrived at the top of the hill where the L was and dumped some paint on some rocks. It was soon clear that we did have nearly enough paint so it turned out to be mostly a token effort. 

As we turned to start down the hill we could see the lights of many cars headed to the bottom of the hill! We had been discovered and the HS students from Lander were not about the let someone attack their L without retaliation. By the time we were part way down the hill the two gangs met. It seemed there was going to be a serious rumble and people would get hurt. Well, one of the boys of our gang did get hurt by getting hit in the forehead by a rather large rock thrown by one of the Lander gang. Blood streamed down his face and we called out that one of our gang was seriously hurt. Well, that incident seemed to scare both the Lander and Riverton students and cooler heads prevailed as we trudged back to our cars without any more violence by either side.

By the time we got to our cars the police had arrived. We were told all of us from Riveton were required to come to the police station. They did allow our injured student to get some medical help. It turned out the head wound was not too serious thankfully. So we all went to the police station. It turned out we were strongly lectured and told not to do something like this again. However, we were released without charges, I think in part because the couple of policemen at the station were overwhelmed by all these kids and did not know what to do with us.

So, we finally headed back home after a night we will never forget. There we several repercussions, such as the football players being required to run extra laps to atone for our sins. Our parents were not happy either and all in all it was a very bad idea. A lesson learned not to allow oneself to easily get caught up in a mob action that has not been carefully evaluated as to the consequences.  


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